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mbox hotspot engine empowers user Internet access with granular controls, using built-in RADIUS server for both local and external authentications, and maximizes user experience while meeting venue owners' business objectives.


mbox comes with an extensive set of portal layouts and configurable features to meet flexible branding and security needs, together with web-based CMS to customize branding page at fingertips.


mbox captures user profiles and contacts for data analytics, redirects to target landing portals, generates group campaigns, and streams live ads, mpowering venue owners to monetize from free Wi-Fi networks.


CMG integrates router, stateful firewall and Multi-WAN link balancing capabilities into a single powerful appliance with maximum protection and resiliency at Internet perimeter.


mlog collects all security logs, alarms for anomalies, stores for long-term retention, searches with intuitive web GUI for forensic investigation, and auto reports for compliance audits.


mfusion enables seamless remote monitoring and management of all RansNet appliances (mbox and mlog), with support for 3rd-party products using standard SNMP protocols, providing full end-to-end visibility and ease of management for administrators.

                  a Powerful Cloud Managemwnt Network Appliance


RansNet mbox is a high-performance network appliance designed for enterprises, fully featured with all the advanced networking and security technologies, such as Ethernet switching, TCP/IP routing, virtual private networking, stateful firewall inspection and user access control etc. Running on hardened Linux kernel and installed with a series of proprietary applications, mbox produces extremely high performance, manageability, reliability, and security, all packed in a purpose-built industrial grade computing platform.


mbox product family includes:

  • Cloud Managed Gateway Series (CMG)
    Designed as an integrated gateway for enterprises networks, with router & firewall & Multi-WAN Link Balancing all-in-one device, saving costs for procuring multiple devices, while enjoying maximum performance and reducing point of failures. 


  • HotSpot Gateway Series (HSG)
    Designed to allow venues to provide internet access for guests and visitors, supporting fully customizable login portals (or captive portals) with built-in Content Management System, together with extremely granular and flexible user access controls.

Cloud Managed Gateway Series (CMG)


The mbox Cloud Managed Gateway (CMG) can be deployed as an integrated gateway, where the router, firewall & WAN link balancer all exist in one device, saving costs from procuring multiple devices while enjoying maximum performance and reducing point of failures.



The CMG series features:

  • Versatile Network Interfaces.

  • Robust IP Addressing & Routing.

  • Advanced Stateful Firewall.

  • WAN Link Balancer.

  • Reliable Virtual Private Network.

  • System Info on Your Fingertips.

Multiple VLANs, Multiple Portals HotSpot Gateway Series (HSG)


Providing on-premise Internet connectivity to your customers is one of the best ways to improve and value-add to their experience. Deploying a successful visitor-based Internet infrastructure using mbox will give businesses Control, Visibility and Opportunities through better QoS, usage data analytics and user access control.



The CMG series features:

  • Your Brand & Your Choice of mbox Login.

  • Integrating with HMS.

  • Monetizing Wi-Fi.

  • More Guest Bandwidth, Dynamically.

  • Data Analytics: Know Your Users Better.

  • System Info at Your Fingertips.

  • Multiple VLANs, Multiple Portals.

  • Built-in Content Management System (CMS).

mfusion features:

  • Cloud Management of mbox.

  • Traffic Analysis.

  • Application Monitoring.

  • Network Monitoring. ​​

  • Compatible design for most major OS brands.

Network Monitoring with


Monitor link status, network traffic, resource utilisation and more.

Our comprehensive metrics are represented in an intuitive manner to help you make sense of data quickly.


With the lines blurring between physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures, network infrastructure complicates as well. As such, many businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to have a clear visibility across the entire infrastructure. Having such visibility is critical for your businesses to take preemptive measures and respond faster to potential faults that are both costly and disruptive to daily operations.

The mlog series is a comprehensive and cost-effective syslog management tool for businesses to meet stringent compliances, which often involve the collection and analysis of logs from different sources (eg, routers, firewalls, switches or servers) through syslog messages. 

Syslogs are classified into different severity (Emergency, Alert, Critical, Error, Warning, Notice, Informational, debugging) and facilities etc.

Keep Logs with

High-Performance Syslog Monitoring Appliance

  • Supports an unlimited number of devices for syslog collection.

  • Handles up to 2 million messages per hour (model dependent).

  • Supports log collection from IPv4 and IPv6 devices.

  • High-performance hardware components.


URL filtering and logging

  • Quick and easy to deploy into the network.

  • Support syslog messages and server logs from a range of network devices.

  • Logs can be compressed and archived into external NAS for long term storage purposes.


Centralised Syslog Monitoring


mlog supports manual (or static) URL filtering, which allows administrators to manually specify a list of URLs that they want to disallow user access. 


3 ways to block user access to specific URLs:

  1. Use DNS re-write features.

  2. Use a web proxy to permit/deny by domain.

  3. Use firewall content filtering.

This is to support collecting all standard syslogs from any 3rd-party devices and to generate and export firewall access logs, which are widely used for trace-back, compliance and auditing purposes. 

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